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Marvin’s Skycove can open up a space to panoramic views, restorative light and adds a cozy space to relax or amble seating to share.

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A Sky cove glass sitting area with wood paneling around it

  • Adds up to 20 square feet of usable space

  • Available in four sizes: 101″ x 86″, 101″ x 70″, 78″ x 86″, and 78″ x 70″

  • 4° slope on top glass and flush glazing sheds debris and prevents pooling

  • Narrow 2 7/8″ sightlines provide expansive, unobstructed views

  • Insulated seat cavity provides improved thermal performance for comfort in all temperatures

  • Steel structure allows the strength to accommodate multiple people

  • Certified and warrantied, unlike custom-built options

Valuable Space

A sky cove carved into a wall

Skycove is a projected glass structure that creates a smart extension of up to 20 square feet of valuable space without extending a home’s footprint. Whether located in a bustling living area, or placed in intimate rooms like bedrooms and dens, Skycove can be your favorite retreat.


A woman reclines in the sky cove to read a book

Skycove’s ample and customizable seat bench is the perfect nook for rejuvenating solo time, or a place for people to gather, engage, and share. It provides a cozy space that’s bathed in light and surrounded on all sides by the kind of outdoor connections humans crave.


Unlike site-built units, Skycove is fully constructed in the factory where critical tolerances can be controlled, which is why Marvin stands behind Skycove with a 10-year product warranty. Skycove is built on a foundation of 100 years of experience and expertise. Its forward-reaching design was inspired by the way people want to live.

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