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Bring your Awaken Vision to Life

The Marvin Awaken skylight is the first skylight on the market to be programmed to your unique needs. This smart skylight offers tunable lighting giving you the power to experience the right light at the right time. Four wall ventilation paired with a hidden perimeter screen and rain sensors take the Awaken from just the largest operating skylights on the market – to the largest and most versatile skylights on the market.

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A recessed skylight with lighting within the border

  • Skylights open on all four sides for faster and more efficient air circulation

  • Hidden perimeter screen keeps insects and debris out without obscuring the view

  • Dimmable LED lights tunable from 2200k (comparable to light at sunrise/sunset) to 5500k (comparable to the sun at noon)

  • Integrated room-darkening or light filtering shades available

  • Lighting, venting, and shades can be operated with a wall switch, app, or smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings

  • Integrated sensors close the skylight when rain is detected

  • Indoor air quality sensors will send you an alert when changes in VOCs are detected

  • Largest operating skylights on the market


Two narrow and long, modern skylights in a sloped ceiling above a kitchen

It’s easy to refresh any space with Awaken’s first-of-its-kind venting system. Awaken opens on all four sides, filling your home with fresh air faster than traditional hinged units. It’s equipped with smart sensors that automatically shut the unit if rain is detected, and the indoor air quality sensors will send you an alert when changes in VOCs are detected. So, take a deep breath and enjoy the energizing feeling that a home filled with fresh air can provide.

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